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Financing energy efficient projects is a recent initiative of IDCOL. Under this, IDCOL has already undertaken nationwide Improved Cook Stove (ICS) and Energy Efficient Brick Kiln programs. In addition, energy efficient boilers & industrial machineries and manufacturing of energy efficient components and appliances are within the focus areas of IDCOL.
IDCOL has already developed significant in-house capacity on the technology and financing of energy efficient brick kilns within the Small and Medium Infrastructure Unit. IDCOL is also enlisted as a Participating Financial Institution (PFI) under the Green Banking Wing of the Green Banking and CSR Department of the Bangladesh Bank. A full-fledged team under the Household Energy Unit of the Renewable Energy Department looks after country wide dissemination of the ICS Program
IDCOL offers a range of subsidy, technical assistance and concessionary financing under its Energy Efficiency window.