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Projects and Programs
IDCOL received USD 1 million fund from the World Bank under Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Development Project (REREDP). This fund will be used to support the R&D initiatives. In this regard, IDCOL invited Expression of Interest (EoI) from national entities/individuals interested to conduct R&D activities for improvement of existing renewable energy technologies as well as for development of new renewable energy solutions for Bangladesh. Till date 13 projects have been awarded to different research teams to develop different R&D facilities.
IDCOL has extended grant support to different research teams of United International University (UIU) for four different projects. One is to develop a hybrid mini cold storage and to study the financial feasibility of establishing cold storage while another team is working on the development of solar PV panel energized boats. Both the projects are mainly designed for the rural remote areas of the country. Third team is developing a smart solar irrigation monitoring system suitable in the context of the country.
Under the fourth project UIU and Solshare have developed a robust and affordable Community based DC Nanogrid for combined household and Productive use. This project has received worldwide recognition and acclamation from international bodies i.e. 2016 Intersolar Award – “Outstanding Solar Project” and 2016 UN Momentum for Change Award as the first Bangladeshi institution.
BRAC University have developed 15 solar powered electric rickshaw-vans (human hauler, ambulance, cargo). Torque sensor paddle was used to minimize initial inrush current.
A team led by a professor from Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET) is conducting research to design & develop a thermal energy storage system using proper Phase Changing Material (PCM) i.e. water to avoid expensive battery backup system of conventional solar cold storage.
Another project to facilitate source segregation and safe disposal of wastes in Bagherhat municipality was awarded to Practical Action. The objective of this task is to develop a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model for a community based biogas plant considering the municipal solid waste (MSW). The project activities include design and construction of a treatment plant, supply and storage of biogas for cooking and running machines etc.
With the support from IDCOL, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission is working to produce dye-sensitized solar cell using local technology and resources.
To find a sustainable alternative source of electricity ‘Solar E Technology’ has developed a facility having solar powered battery charging booths for electric vehicles i.e. easy bike, electric rickshaw and electric car. Under a separate project Solar E Technology is also developing a cost effective and sustainable solar hybrid cold storage systems for rural areas to preserve vegetables, fresh milk & medicines.
IDCOL extended grant support to Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) to develop a R&D facility to synthesize and characterize mutiferroic nanoparticles to enhance their photo-catalytic activity and to produce hydrogen fuel by photo-catalytic decomposition of water.
IDCOL has awarded two separate projects to Bangladesh Agricultural University and B. Tech Construction & Consulting to analyze cow, buffalo dung and microbial community, analyze microbial dynamics during anaerobic digestion of animal dung, pH and temperature dynamics to increase the efficiency of biogas production and augmentation of cow dung with other organic feedstock. Both the organizations have the same objective, although their approach to the problem is different.