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Projects and Programs
Till date, 150+ professionals from over 10 delegation teams around the world including Uganda, Sudan, Guinea, Ethiopia, Mali, Gambia, Niger, Senegal, Mauritania, Cambodia, Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand, UK, and Switzerland have attended IDCOL’s Experience Sharing Program
IDCOL arranged a field trip for the trainees of Climate Finance Course, coordinated and delivered by International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) in collaboration with the International Center for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on 2 February 2016. Forty trainees from Afganistan, Pakistan, Combodia, Thailand, Nepal, UK, Switzerland participated in the field trip.
Development Bank of Ethiopia, the country’s largest investor in the renewable energy sector, approached IDCOL to arrange experience sharing sessions and on-the-job training on renewable energy activities of IDCOL for a 44-member delegation team from Ethiopia in three phases. The first two groups includes professional staffs from banks and the last group includes higher officials of the bank and other collaborating organizations i.e. Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy, VERA International Business PLC, WASASA Microfinance. The program started on November 20, 2014 and continued till February 13, 2015.
3. Experience Sharing Program for Uganda

 Uganda Energy Credit Capitalisation Company (UECCC) and Centenary Bank

IDCOL provided advisory services to a 5-member delegation team from Uganda Energy Credit Capitalisation Company (UECCC) and Centenary Bank, Uganda during 10 ~ 20 May 2014.

 Rural Electrification Agency, Uganda

IDCOL along with support from the World Bank arranged a workshop on rural electrification for a team Rural Electrification Agency, Uganda headed by their State Minister for Power in 2012. Following the program, a 5-day workshop and a 12 day on-the job training on rural electrification has been arranged by IDCOL for two teams of senior officials from Rural Electrification Agency, Uganda. The program started on 26 August 2013 and will continued till 6 September 2013.
IDCOL provided advisory services to a 13-member delegation team from Sub Sahara African Member Countries (Mali, Senegal, Gambia, Mauritania and Niger) including two officials from Islamic Development Bank (IDB) during 6~ 8 October 2013.IDCOL provided training on operational, financial and technical aspects of IDCOL’s renewable energy program.
IDCOL provided knowledge support on rural electrification and renewable energy program implementation to 8 senior officials from several organization of Guinea i.e. Central Bank of Guinea, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Economy and Finance, North South Consultants Exchange, 3AEcompany, CEBEL Cooperative Solar of GUINEA during 26-30 June 2013.