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Promoting private sector investment through large-scale adoption of energy saving technologies and equipment for textile sector of Bangladesh

IDCOL has submitted its first funding proposal titled, “Promoting private sector investment through large-scale adoption of energy saving technologies and equipment for textile sector of Bangladesh,” to GCF on 23rd January 2020. The proposed program aims to support business establishments in the textile sector with financial and market resources to avail investment opportunities for energy saving technology upgrades. The intervention will create a favorable market environment and scalable business model for investment in energy efficiency improvements, leading to sizeable energy savings and accompanying with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions.

IDCOL, as an Accredited Entity to GCF and Executing Entity for the Program, will make GCF funds available in the form of loans to the end borrower who are in this case the private textile manufacturing entities. The end borrower will seek disbursements from IDCOL for energy efficient equipment & technology in line with the capacity proposed to be deployed every year over the program implementation period. IDCOL will also be responsible for execution of activities under Technical Assistance (TA) component.

Notably, IDCOL has received Project Preparation Facility (PPF) from GCF, which is a grant financing provided to conduct detail appraisal of the program. All the relevant activities associated with the PPF have been completed successfully and now IDCOL awaits feedback from GCF on the updates of its approval for this particular program.
The total value for the programme is expected to be USD 169.7 million, including GCF concessional loan financing of USD 100 million and grant financing of USD 2.7 million in the form of technical assistance. The remaining USD 67 million will be co-financed by IDCOL & end-borrowers of the program as equity injection.
These activities will help collection of information and data which will help to appraise the project in a better way. The above mentioned studies and crosschecking of information with the authorities of the country is essential for the successful implementation of proposed project.
The detail approved PPF application is available in the below link:



Terms of Reference Environment and Social Management Framework-Textile_(English) Environment and Social Management Framework-Textile_(Bengali)