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Projects and Programs
To improve the environmental condition and to fulfill the Government of Bangladesh’s plans to transform and modernize the brick sector, IDCOL provides long term concessionary financing to encourage potential sponsors to set up environment friendly brick kilns. Around BDT 1300 million has already been approved for 6 tunnel kiln and 1 HHK brick projects, with aggregate daily production capacity of 11,40,000 bricks.

IDCOL has approved debt financing to the following energy efficient bricks kilns projects: :

Baridhara Corporation
A H Auto Bricks Limited
Makrail Auto Green Bricks Limited
Pretty Auto Bricks Limited
USA Agro & Auto Bricks Limited
Kushiyara Auto Bricks Limited
Nowhata Green Bricks Limited
Piya Auto Bricks Limited

Commercial terms and features for financing in Auto Brick Sector:

Sl. Particulars Detail
1 Portion of the fund Debt: 70% and Equity: 30% IDCOL Debt amount will not exceed BDT 300 Million
2 Rate of interest 9% p.a. with semi-annual review
3 Tenor of loan Maximum 9 years period including construction period of 1.5 years
4 Technology Tunnel kiln technology with minimum production capacity of 100,000 bricks/day
5 Major agreement Agreement with EPC Contractor and other related infrastructure development agents
6 Required land area Minimum 8 acres of land for a project having capacity of 100,000 bricks per day
7 Eligible criteria: Variable Refrigerant flow and high COP air conditioners
i. Land In the name of the project company
ii. Security 100% of loan amount (Negotiable)
iii. Permissions Site Clearance Certificate (SCC) along with other permissions like NOC from local authority, brick burning license, electricity permission etc.
iv. Security & Mortgage • Mortgage of project Land
• Other collateral
• Mortgage of House/flat/other land
• Bank Guarantee