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Projects and Programs
IDCOL Improved Cook Stove (ICS) program was inaugurated by the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh in May 2013 with the dissemination target of 1 million ICS in Bangladesh within December 2018. IDCOL received necessary financial support from the World Bank and the Government of Bangladesh.
The objectives of the program are to reduce GHG emissions, solid fuel use for cooking and the impact of Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) - which substantially affects women and children - by creating a sustainable market-based approach towards adoption of higher efficiency cook-stoves in the country.
The program has achieved its initial target of disseminating 1 million ICS in January, 2017, almost two years ahead of the project completion period.
IDCOL’s R&D initiatives upgraded the stoves under the program from Tier 1(>=15%) to Tier 3 (>=35%) level of thermal efficiency. Now, with increases in thermal efficiency, the stoves burn lesser amount of fuel and therefore, GHG Emission and IAP decrease significantly. As of December, 2020, 2.46 million ICS have been disseminated and IDCOL has set a target of disseminating a total of 5 million ICS by June 2023.