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Corporate Head Office

Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL)

UTC Building, 16th Floor,

8 Panthapath, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh

Telephone: 9102171-8

Fax: +880-2-9102084

Email: contact@idcol.org
List of Regional Offices
Name E-mail Address Contact Number
Abdul Baki
Executive Director & CEO (In-charge)
S. M. Monirul Islam
Deputy CEO & CFO
mislam@idcol.org PABX: 110
Nazmul Haque
Chief Investment Officer
nhaque@idcol.org PABX: 150
Md. Enamul Karim Pavel
Head of Renewable Energy
ekarim@idcol.org PABX: 220
Mohammed Jabed Emran
Chief Risk Officer, Risk & Special Asset Management
jabed.emran@idcol.org PABX: 380
M. Maftun Ahmed
Company Secretary & Executive Vice President
maftun@idcol.org PABX: 121
Farzana Rahman
Executive Vice President & Unit Head (Investment), Renewable Energy
frahman@idcol.org PABX: 261
Merina Kashem
Senior Vice President & Unit Head, Credit Risk Management
merina.kashem@idcol.org PABX: 180
Raihan Uddin Ahmed
Senior Vice President & Environment Specialist, Infrastructure
raihan@idcol.org PABX: 191
Mohammad Nazmul Haque Faisal
Senior Vice President (Corporate Affairs) and Unit Head (Promotion & Capacity Building)
faisal@idcol.org PABX: 251
Farhan Reza
Senior Vice President & Unit Head, Credit Administration
farhan@idcol.org PABX: 181
Md. Wahidur Rahman
Senior Vice President & Unit Head (Technical), Renewable Energy
wahid@idcol.org PABX: 271
Mohammed Zahidul Haque
Senior Vice President & Unit Head, Industrial & Energy Efficiency Finance (IEEF)
zahidhaque@idcol.org PABX: 171
Dr. Ahmedul Hye Chowdhury
Senior Vice President & Environmental Specialist, Renewable Energy
ahmedul@idcol.org PABX: 292
Mizanur Rahman CPA, ACMA, CGMA
Vice President & Unit Head, Finance & Accounts
mizan@idcol.org PABX: 111
Md. Serajul Hossain
Vice President & Unit Head, SHS Program
serajul@idcol.org PABX: 221
Md. Shahriar Rana, FCCA, CIA, CRMA
Head of Internal Audit & Vice President
shahriar.rana@idcol.org PABX: 291
Sifat Monzur
Vice President & Unit Head, Infrastructure Finance
sifat@idcol.org PABX: 152
A F M Shahed
Vice President & Unit Head, ICS Program
shahed@idcol.org PABX: 255
M. Mosleh Uddin
Vice President & Unit Head, Green Climate Fund
mosleh.uddin@idcol.org PABX: 295
Md. Mehedi Hasan, CFA, FRM
Senior Assistant Vice President & Unit Head, Public Private Partnership (PPP)
mehedi@idcol.org PABX: 175
Mohammad Rashedul Islam
Senior Assistant Vice President & Unit Head, IT & MIS
rashed@idcol.org PABX: 132
Shek Mijanur Rahman
Senior Assistant Vice President, Finance and Accounts
shekryhan@idcol.org PABX: 112
Md. Shaikat Azad
Senior Assistant Vice President & Unit Head, Compliance
shaikat@idcol.org PABX: 122
Shibli Mohammad Faiz
Senior Assistant Vice President & Unit Head, Biogas and Bio-fertilizer Program
shibli.faiz@idcol.org PABX: 254
Molla Anisur Rahman
Assistant Vice President, SHS Program
anisur@idcol.org PABX: 229
Md. Ashraf-Ul-Islam
Assistant Vice President, Industrial & Energy Efficiency Finance
aislam@idcol.org PABX: 154
Mohammad Imran Hossain
Assistant Vice President, Renewable Energy Projects
imranhossain@idcol.org PABX: 268
Zabir Ibne Raquib
Assistant Vice President, Credit Administration
zabir@idcol.org PABX: 183
Rasel Ahmed
Assistant Vice President, Promotion and Capacity Building
rasel@idcol.org PABX: 282
Ashrafuzzaman Khan
Assistant Vice President & Unit Head, Administration
ashraf@idcol.org PABX: 142
Junaed Tazdik
Assistant Vice President, Credit Administration
junaed@idcol.org PABX: 234
Tahmina Shafiq
Assistant Vice President & Unit Head, HR
tahmina@idcol.org PABX: 144
Md. Imrul Hasan
Assistant Vice President, Finance and Accounts
imrul.aumi@idcol.org PABX: 116
Mukaddim Sarwar
Assistant Vice President, Renewable Energy Projects
sarwar@idcol.org PABX: 265
Rashed Rahman Khan
Assistant Vice President, Biogas and Bio-fertilizer Program
rashed.khan@idcol.org PABX: 225
Hassan Muhaiminul Aziz
Assistant Vice President (Monitoring), Renewable Energy Projects
maziz@idcol.org PABX: 274
Mafruda Rahman
Assistant Vice President, Green Climate Fund
mafruda@idcol.org PABX: 185
Md. Abdullah Hell Baki
Assistant Vice President, ICS Program
baki@idcol.org PABX: 266
Kazi Ahsan Uddin
Assistant Vice President, Renewable Energy Projects
ahsan@idcol.org PABX: 273
Fariha Jannat
Assistant Vice President, Credit Risk Management
fariha@idcol.org PABX: 224
Ashraf Hossain Bhuiyan
Assistant Vice President, Advisory Services
ahossain@idcol.org PABX: 383
Mofazzal Hossain
Manager (Agriculture-Monitoring), Renewable Energy Projects
farid@idcol.org PABX: 404
Tanvir Ebne Bashar
Manager, Industrial & Energy Efficiency Finance (IEEF)
etanvir@idcol.org PABX: 153
Md. Belal Siddiqui
Manager (Agriculture-Monitoring), Renewable Energy Projects
b.siddiqui@idcol.org PABX: 296
Kazi Ishfak Ahmad
Manager & Unit Head, Legal Affairs
ishfak@idcol.org PABX: 215
Md. Abdullah Al Matin
Manager (Technical), Renewable Energy Projects
matin@idcol.org PABX: 253
Nadia Shahrin
Manager, Credit Risk Management
nadia.shahrin@idcol.org PABX: 382
Md. Hamid Iqbal
Manager, Infrastructure Finance
hamid@idcol.org PABX: 160
Sumaya Mahmud
Manager, Infrastructure Finance
sumaya@idcol.org PABX: 156
Kazi Ibrahim Md. Adnan
Manager, Legal Affairs
adnan@idcol.org PABX: 216
Tanvir Ahmed
Manager, Legal Affairs
tahmed@idcol.org PABX: 214
F. M. Anwarul Kabir
Manager, Credit Recovery
kabir@idcol.org PABX: 189
Mithila Sanhita Majumder
Manager, Public Private Partnership (PPP)
mithila@idcol.org PABX: 172
Asif Shahriar
Manager, Biogas and Bio-fertilizer Program
shahriar@idcol.org PABX: 227
Sanjidaa Hoque
Manager, ICS Program
sanjidaa@idcol.org PABX: 269
Mokaddim Jashim Bhuiyan
Manager, Credit Administration
mokaddim.bhuiyan@idcol.org PABX: 182
Khondker Ajwad Hossain
Manager, Credit Risk Management
ajwad@idcol.org PABX: 184
Sajjad Bin Siddique
Manager, Procurement
sajjad@idcol.org PABX: 143
Rawfoon Iqbal
Assistant Manager,Infrastructure Finance
rawfoon@idcol.org PABX: 155
Rezoan Al Mahmud Suzan
Assistant Manager, Risk Based Audit
suzan@idcol.org PABX: 293
Sadia Raisa Khan
Assistant Manager, Renewable Energy Projects
raisakhan@idcol.org PABX: 267
Rezwana Ali Tanima
Assistant Manager, Credit Administration
tanima@idcol.org PABX: 188
Md. Raisul Islam
Assistant Manager, Renewable Energy Projects
raisulislam@idcol.org PABX: 263
Shadman Bin Zahir
Assistant Manager, Renewable Energy Projects
szahir@idcol.org PABX: 270
Sajjad Uddin Mahmud
Assistant Manager, Technical
smahmud@idcol.org PABX: 280
Md. Rifat Bin Rahman
Assistant Manager, Compliance
rifat@idcol.org PABX: 124
Faisal Mahmud Khan
Assistant Manager, Renewable Energy Projects
mahmud@idcol.org PABX: 276
Abu Shoaib Khan
Assistant Manager, Industrial & Energy Efficiency Finance (IEEF)
shoaib@idcol.org PABX: 159
Raquib-Ul Mesbah
Assistant Manager, Technical
mesbah@idcol.org PABX: 287
Sadia Sharmin Bristy
Assistant Manager, Finance & Accounts
bristy@idcol.org PABX: 117
Arannya Monzur
Assistant Manager, IT & MIS
arannya@idcol.org PABX: 133
Raisa Rahman
Assistant Manager, HR
raisa.riya@idcol.org PABX: 148
Shuvendu Sarkar
Assistant Manager, HR
shuvo@idcol.org PABX: 348
Zia Uddin Jewel
Assistant Manager, Technical
zia@idcol.org PABX: 275
Tanushka Mumtahina Billah
Assistant Manager, Green Climate Fund
mumtahina@idcol.org PABX: 257
Charles Amit Mohonto
Assistant Manager, Public Private Partnership (PPP)
charles@idcol.org PABX: 177
Zeesha Samah
Senior Officer, Advisory Services
zeesha@idcol.org PABX: 174
Nazmul Hasan
Senior Officer, Finance & Accounts
nhasan@idcol.org PABX: 113
Md. Abir Chowdhury
Senior Officer, Credit Administration
abir@idcol.org PABX: 186
Becky Christopher Rozario
Senior Officer, Finance & Accounts
becky@idcol.org PABX: 115
Bibi Ayesha Begum
Senior Officer, Compliance
ayesha@idcol.org PABX: 123
Md. Rauful Islam Sworan
Senior Officer, Infrastructure Finance
rauful@idcol.org PABX: 162
Musarrat Jabeen
Senior Officer, Finance & Accounts
jabeen@idcol.org PABX: 114
Mushfiqur Rahman
Senior Officer, SHS Program
mushfiqur@idcol.org PABX: 277
Saad Feroz Mehdi
Senior Officer, Infrastructure Finance
saad@idcol.org PABX: 158
Manshiah Anis
Management Trainee, Credit Administration
manshiah@idcol.org PABX: 384
Mohammad Ikteder Uddin Mahir
Management Trainee, Finance & Accounts
Iktedermahir@idcol.org PABX: 119
Md. Rasedul Islam Rasel
Management Trainee, Environment & Social Safeguard
rased.islam@idcol.org PABX: 193
Rufaiya Zabin
Management Trainee, Finance & Accounts
rufaiya@idcol.org PABX: 118
Ishrar Sameen
Management Trainee, Environment & Social Safeguard
ishrar.sameen@idcol.org PABX: 194
Mashiath Khurshid
Management Trainee, Public Private Partnership (PPP)
mashiath@idcol.org PABX: 178
Syed Shams Arefeen
Management Trainee ,Industrial & Energy Efficiency Finance (IEEF)
shams@idcol.org PABX: 179
Md. Kawsar Hossain Khan Robin
Officer, IT & MIS
robin@idcol.org PABX: 135
Chandra Shekhor Mondal
Officer, Concurrent Audit
shekhor@idcol.org PABX: 297
Mohammad Abdul Hannan
Officer, Risk Based Audit
hannan@idcol.org PABX: 294
Md. Kadirul Islam
Officer, Credit Recovery
kadirul@idcol.org PABX: 386
Md. Monirul Haque
Officer, Administration
mhaque@idcol.org PABX: 145
Md. Rezaur Rahman
Officer, Administration
rony@idcol.org PABX: 146
Md. Abu Taleb
Officer, Procurement
taleb@idcol.org PABX: 343
Mashiur Rahman
Officer, Technical Monitoring Facility
mashiur@idcol.org PABX: 871
Jannatul Ferdous Sobi
Junior Officer, Legal Affairs
sobi@idcol.org PABX: 217
Salah Uddin Ahmmed
Junior Officer, Concurrent Audit
suahmmed@idcol.org PABX: 395
S.M. Nahidul Islam
Junior Officer, Concurrent Audit
smnislam@idcol.org PABX: 396
Md. Altab Hossain
Junior Officer, Risk Based Audit
altab@idcol.org PABX: 397
Md. Shakhawat Hossain
Junior Officer, RE Projects
shakhawat@idcol.org PABX: 272