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Projects and Programs
IDCOL has been implementing biogas program in Bangladesh since 2006 with support from the World Bank, KfW Development Bank and SNV Netherlands Development Organization. Biogas plants not only provide gas for cooking purpose but also produce organic fertilizer for the crops and fish pond. The program helps reduce the use of biomass fuel for cooking. Till December 2020, IDCOL has financed construction of over 56,500 biogas plants all over the country through its 38 partner organizations.
IDCOL finances plants with daily gas production capacity ranging from 1.2 m3 to 25.0 m3 thereby meeting demand of both domestic households and mid-sized dairy and poultry farms. IDCOL currently finances two models of biogas plants: brick-cement based plants and pre-fabricated bio-digester based plants.
The program saves 54,200 tons of firewood ever year worth USD 4.27 million and also reduces the use of 48,000 tons of chemical fertilizer worth USD 10.67 million by producing 335,000 tons of organic fertilizer. The program also reduces 216,400 ton CO2 consumption per annum. IDCOL has a plan to install 60,000 biogas plants in Bangladesh by 2021.
IDCOL Call Center: 16653 (open from 8 AM – 9 PM)
E-mail: biogas@idcol.org