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Promoting private sector investment through large scale adoption of energy saving technologies and equipment for textile sector of Bangladesh

The Programme on “Promoting private sector investments through large scale adoption of energy saving technologies and equipment for the textile sector of Bangladesh” once implemented will be one of the largest scale up programmes in energy efficiency that will be taken up in the textile sector in Bangladesh. The programme will also be unique where for the first time the demographic impact on the whole will be looked upon while primarily fighting climate change. This will need systematic and in-depth analysis which has not been taken up at the scale being envisaged under this programme. This will only be possible due to the funding facility under the Green Climate Fund.
Project Preparation Facility (PPF) support from GCF has been received by IDCOL conduct following studies which will help to establish available information and identify information gaps to develop full funding proposal for the proposed project.
1. Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies; The main activities proposed under this includes: stakeholder consultation, collection of baseline data, study on the project outcome and impact, market study of proposed financial product, identifying best available relevant energy efficiency technologies for textile industry. This activities are essential to ensure completion of all background studies, ensuring they are appropriate in scope and provide required analyses in good quality
2. Environmental, social and gender studies; which will include Environmental and social impact assessment of the project, Development of environmental and social management gender analysis and action plan development. This activities are needed to determine project strategy, priorities, key partners, and key barriers to success
3. Risk assessments; which will include social, environmental, operational, financial risk assessment and suggestion of risk mitigation measures. It is needed to define all relevant aspects of the project justification and conduct risk analysis.
4. Identification of programme/project-level indicators; which includes identification & measurement of GCF core indicators relevant to program and formulation of methodology to be used for calculating this core indicators. This is needed to clearly identify project interventions boundaries and scope, justify project duration and size, to clearly access paradigm/transformational shift potential, sustainable development potential, and efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed project.
These activities will help collection of information and data which will help to appraise the project in a better way. The above mentioned studies and cross-checking of information with the authorities of the country is essential for the successful implementation of proposed project.
The detail approved PPF application is available in the below link



Terms of Reference
Budget utilization under PPF (Disbursement is yet to be made to E&Y)